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Have you ever admired the porcelain skin of a woman from Asia? How about the flawless mahogany skin tone of someone from Africa? Or the red hair and freckles of an Irish girl? We all could get a little geography lesson when it comes to taking care of our own skin. Knowing your skin type and using the right ingredients is key. Because what we eat is just as important as what we put on the surface. Eating healthy foods can make the skin healthier. We can reverse the signs of aging by changing our diet and skin care program. And tailoring it to the type of skin we have. If you're Caucasian, you're at risk for things like wrinkles and sun damage. Believe it or not, eating foods like cantaloupe, salmon, hazel nuts and berries can help reverse that damage. And even pigmentation, scarring, ashy and dry skin are the most common ailments of African American women. Eating chicken, spinach, salmon and olive oil are all good food choices. Latino women often have to contend with things like acne, discoloration, and large pores. Fish, berries, cantaloupe and olive oil are suggested to help combat this, as well as zinc and vitamin A. And Asian women are prone to things like puffiness, fine lines and lack of radiance. Best bets for their skin, salmon, snow peas and cauliflower. Vitamin A is also a good supplement. It might help to think of yourself as a chef trying to cook up the right ingredients for your skin. Italian women have a great ritual of using natural ingredients like oranges mixed with olive oil to keep skin glowing. African women have been using shae butter for thousands of years to soften their skin and hair. And Asian women have been coating their hair with camellia for centuries. Make sure you cleanse your skin faithfully twice a day in the morning and before bed. Also moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Don't take your health and complexion for granted. Remember, your skin must last a lifetime. Reap the benefits of that certain something.