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All those commercials for anti-aging products  can be hard to resist. Who wouldn't want to look and feel years younger simply by taking a pill? But can they really slow down the aging process? It's unlikely, but there are things you can do to help. If you want to fight the affects of aging, you need to get into a skin care routine geared for just that. The newest miracle ingredient is Peptide. It was first developed for healing wounds; it stimulates collagen, helps get rid of wrinkles and brightens your skin. Retinoids are another great thing for your skin and can make a big change. They diminish fine lines and wrinkles better than anything else out there. Make sure you use them at night, they work best then. Also look for products with Alpha Hydroxy Acids or A.H.A.'s. They're the gold standard of exfoliation. But you need to do more than just things for the outside in order to keep yourself young on the inside. Don't under estimate how important it is to have close friendships and other relationships. The people you count on as family and friends, even your pets, can play a huge role in your health. Doctors at the Mayo Clinic say connecting with people as you age may be just as important as exercising. And can motivate you to take care of yourself. While you may never be 21 again, you can grow older with grace and a certain something you didn't have when you were younger.