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Look Better Tonight: That Certain Something

Rapid weight loss. Look instantly younger. Get beautiful skin now. We've all heard those promises in ads. And even though we know better, we've all come to expect our wishes to be granted immediately. Are there really instant ways to look and feel better? There are at least five things you could do today to look better tonight. There is a way to appear ten pounds lighter, improve your posture. Better posture stretches out that little pouch, just under your belly button and rises up your chest, giving you a very inexpensive breast lift. Exercise makes muscles appear more toned for an hour or two. Do a couple of pushups and biceps curls for a little upper body umph. Extra water inside will flush toxins and help hydrate your eyes and skin. Then after showering and exfoliating, moisture every inch to hydrate from the outside. When it comes to hair and makeup, enhance your natural beauty. Curling your eyelashes opens up your eyes and makes them look bigger. Hair pulled away from your face gives you a more youthful appearance. Long-lasting lipsticks and foundations will keep you touch-up free. Clothes also look better and you'll appear more confident. Most importantly, stop, sit quietly and change your focus from work and worries to the fun night ahead of you. It's That Certain Something that will make all the difference.