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If you're like me and I know you are, you spend a lot of time in front of the mirror trying to look fabulous.  To people who study the causes of eye irritation, make up is nothing more than a pollutant.  Of course, we know better than that.  The right make up properly applied, can put your image right over the top.  But the fact that make up is put on so close to your eyes, it's easy to understand how flecks of powder, tiny drops of aerosols and drippy liquid beauty products can get in there.  The key is to be careful and selective when it comes to your make up.  Choose mascara and other eye make ups that is specially formulated for sensitive eyes and look for cosmetics that won't wash off or flake off.  Choose pressed face powders and pump hair sprays, next time you shop.  Here are a few things to remember.  Keep mascara away from your eye opening.  Don't apply it to the base of the lashes, just the tips.  And replace your mascara every three to four months.  Mascara can actually spoil.  Putting color on the edge of your eyelids is another big no-no.  Dispose of your disposable applicators and keep your reusable applicators clean.  Bright white eyes make you look healthy and alert.  With a little extra attention when selecting and putting on your make up, your eyes can be one of your best assets.