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Winter Weary Hair: Say Buh Bye

Getting through winter is never easy. Cold, snow, dryness -- it's bad for the skin and even worse for your hair. So how do you get ready for the sunny skies and soft rains of spring? It's so easy. Just follow these healthy beauty hair tips! Great hair starts with a great cut. Nothing says spring more than a fabulous new style that complements your face shape. Healthy hair is hydrated hair. So drink plenty of water- it's great for your hair and your body. Use luxurious moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to relive dry, itchy scalp and transform dry hair into soft, smooth totally touchable hair. And beware of product overload: too many styling products can weigh down hair. Use one product for styling and one for finishing to bring out the best in your hair. When you leave winter behind and say hello to spring with fabulous hair, you'll always have that certain something.