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Ah, a day at the spa is a wonderful retreat everyone deserves. But when there's no time to get away, recreate the spa experience at home. It's easy, rejuvenating and beneficial for your body and soul. Set the mood by creating a serene nurturing environment. Light several scented aromatherapy candles. Prepare a decadent beverage or a sinful snack and play music that calms and inspires. Choose bath products that soothe and comfort: lavender-scented bubble bath, a rich conditioning treatment for your hair, and a purifying mask for your face. An invigorating body wash tones and softens. And a gentle body scrub exfoliates skin leaving your skin soft and oh so touchable. After your bath, apply a rich conditioning cream. Turning your bath into a fabulous spa is fun and rewarding, so go ahead and try it. Because you deserve that certain something.